Know how to create hippy fashion friendship bracelet

Published: 17th May 2011
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Are you interested in making fashion friendship bracelet? With the help of this article you will be able to create various designs. Do not worry; as you will not even need too many materials also.

Different types of bracelets

All you have to do is to use your creativity to produce various designs. Start by manufacturing a round one, as it is a simple model. Then as soon as you learned the knack of it you can make some other styles. Start by using only two colors, and try more colors later. They will surely look great for parties, and your friends will appreciate the gesture.

What are the supplies required?

First, you will need small scissors, one or two paperclips and cotton. The cotton tosses must have different colors, but they all have to be of equal size: 80-90 cm, depending on the thickness of the arm. You will have to choose the number of tosses, if you want a thick or a thin bracelet. The best cotton is mouline and cotton perle, but it is also recommended to find Angelica cotton, as it will not tear. The bracelets are made with nods: two nods on every wire, so you must know the four types of nods:

Right node (direct)

Left node (inverse)

Double right node (double direct)

The fourth one is double left node on double inverse

Put several tosses in between and bind them with the paper clip. You will need some patience, especially if you are a beginner with the fashion friendship bracelet. Make sure that the first and last tosses of the bracelet are similar to one another.

If you want some ideas about special kinds of bracelets, you can always find some pattern generators online.

If you want to appreciate the length of the toss without measuring, you could make it a little longer that the distance from your fingertip to your shoulder. Then use this tip for the other tosses.

Suppose you would like to have some other colours of tosses like red, green, yellow and orange then that would mean four tosses.

You should bind the top toss. Start making nods 1 to 4. Repeat those steps until the bracelet is finished.

The fashion friendship bracelet is designed mostly for friends. However it is not the ideal type of gift to be given to your wife or girlfriend. Moreover, you could think about a business of this kind if you are a person with initiative.

You can start selling the items to your family members, neighbors, classmates and peers. Never rush on putting up a store suppose you do not have time or cannot dedicate yourself to it. Although you have some finished products that you can give or sell to your peers, it is still not advisable to make bracelets for a long period of time. Sell them to your peers first and if it becomes profitable enough then you can start an online business. Do not worry, as those small accessories would have tremendous success for the years to come. The fashion friendship bracelet is not affected by the fashion, as it will be in style, even if the common trends are changing every year.

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