1873 Cuff Bracelet: Old Model Is The Greatest!

Published: 15th June 2011
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Jewelry is always a precious thing, whether to own or to give, for example the famous brand of 1873 cuff bracelet from Tiffany and Co. The bracelet defines masculinity for man but the same thing looks elegant in the hands of a lady. Bracelet is a perfect kind of jewelry for both men and women, since it is a simple thing to wear without any intricate work. For a long time, bracelets have been used in fashion by many men and women in many civilizations. Though it is simple accessory, it is fashionable.

Tiffany offers a large range of jewelry that can be browsed over the internet but bracelet is one item that will surely catch your eye. There are two types of bracelets: bangle shaped and cuff, and from those two, cuff type is more comfortable to wear because it is adjustable on your hands. You can set the size and the clearance of the bracelet so that you do not need to wear it too tightly. You can find 1837 cuff over the stores that sell jewelry of famous brands. This bracelet is made of sterling silver, a metal that is time tested for durability. Not just the strength do the bracelets offer, they also can maintain the shine longer than pure silver, which can easily turn dark on oxidation after several years.

Bracelet can be worn at any occasion formal or informal therefore it is an essential part of your jewelry and is must have item in your box. As one of the most wanted items as gifts, Tiffany now provides you special offers for 1837 cuff gifts with little extra cost for wrapping and shipment. Wherever you are, you can just order and purchase this item via the internet from any store. It is truly said that way to mans heart is through his stomach and the way to the heart of a woman is through jewelry, a bracelet serves the excellent purpose as a gift to woman heart and if its Tiffanys 1837 cuff bracelet then there cannot be a better gift. Bracelet as a gift to men is equally fruitful to women as the bracelet as a gift can really turn men heart.

With its popularity, of course, many fraud sites that sell the replicas of 1873 cuff so that people must be more careful with that Not like the genuine ones, the material for the replica is stainless steel and it is plated with gold or silver. The plating is bound to come off within few months of use and render the bracelet discolored. Always buy the original bracelet marketed by tiffany especially if you are buying it to gift it to some one special. You cannot afford the disadvantages of giving a replica, as it can never replace the genuine one.

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